Anneta Buenger

HOMETOWN: Newcastle

OCCUPATION: Retired Educator, Principal and Superintendent

FAMILY: Six Children and eight grandchildren

HOBBIES: Raising cattle on their Newcastle ranch, Grandchildren and spending time with youth, reading.

As a Board Member

Most Satisfying : Meeting the other Board members and seeing the love they have for the Hospital and community.

Most Challenging: Understanding the terminology and acronyms. In education, I’ve had our own “language” which is very different from the medical field

My Life: I was born in Grand Saline, TX and graduated from Grand Saline High School . I attended Texas A&M at Commerce with a BA and received my Master’s of Education from Stephen F. Austin. I am new to the Olney Hamilton Hospital Board but look forward to working with the Hospital Board and leadership.

Childhood Ambition: I always wanted to be a teacher and it was my Dad’s goal for me. I was the first teacher in my family.

My Favorite Person: My husband is my favorite person

What are you Reading? I usually have several books going at one time. Currently I am reading Spy gate by Dan Bongins and Success Hoppes by Dr. Tom Barrett