I am also covered on my spouse’s insurance policy. Will you send bills to both insurance companies?

Hamilton Hospital’s Patient Finance Department will coordinate benefits for patients covered by more than one insurance policy. To do this, make sure we are provided with a copy of both insurance cards.

I keep getting bills from you. Why don’t you bill my insurance company?

Hamilton Hospital’s patient billing department will send you letters 30, 60 and 90 days after the date of service. Please read this correspondence carefully, as it contains important information regarding the status of your account. If you are covered under an insurance policy or another party is responsible for your hospital bill, yet you receive a letter stating that you are responsible for the bill, contact a Customer Service Representative at (940) 564.5521, immediately.

I would like a copy of my hospital bill. How can I request one?

Call a Customer Service Representative at (940) 564.5521 to request a copy of your hospital bill. You can expect to receive a copy of your bill within 7 to 10 days.

Why do I have to give my insurance information every time I visit Hamilton Hospital?

We ask for your insurance information every time you visit to ensure that our records are accurate and up to date. Patients and/or employers change insurance carriers with great frequency. To process your bill quickly and accurately, we ask you for your insurance information on every visit. This gives us the opportunity to verify your insurance coverage and benefits.

How soon after I leave the hospital will I receive a bill?

You can expect a bill once we have received payment or denial of payment from your insurance company. If you are paying the bill yourself (that is, if you are not filing with an insurance provider) you should receive a bill within 10 days after you have received service.

Where can I call if I have questions about my hospital bill?

You may call the Patient Financial Services department at (940)564.5521 or (940)564.8112 from 8 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.